Facilties & Venues

Explore our 4 campuses, 30+ classrooms, 50+ studio rooms, 1100+ seats


The campus in Florence (Via Bolognese 52) originates from a prestigious convent held by the Scolopi (Priarists), an influential religious order of Christian clerics with educational venues across the country and internationally. The Institute consists of 14 fully equipped classrooms (25 average seats/class), an advanced IT lab with 40+ computer stations, a cafeteria with tables and working stations, as well as an auditorium (150 seats), vast green areas (8,000+ squared meters), a soccer field, and individual studio rooms. The campus in Florence also includes a dormitory with 8 studio rooms (+ 2 superior studio rooms), 5 shared double rooms, as well as fully equipped common areas that include a kitchen, laundry, and toilets.

The venue is strategically located between the city center and the city’s most prestigious residential area, just 5-minute walk, among others, from the New York University (Florence).

Our Learning Environment: Green Areas for a Therapeutic Experience

Air, green, community

Our Campus: an Ancient Convent

Immersed in one of Florence’s most prestigious areas

Our Classrooms: Learning, Immersed Between Past and Future

Ancient frescoes alongside modern comfort

Our Cafeteria: Quick & Authentic

Prêt a manger, while relaxing

Our Green Classes: Learn & Breathe

Our green areas are equipped with desks, benches & Wifi

Our Facilities: for Your Body and Mind

Play sports, compete, relax


The campus in Mantua (Via Montanari 1) holds a unique position, just 3-minute walk from Piazza Sordello, a prestigious late-Medieval area that is also a UNESCO site. The campus features 10 fully equipped classrooms (40 average seats/class), 20 studio rooms with ensuite bathrooms and common areas, as well as a common auditorium with 150+ seats. The whole campus combines elements of an ancient architecture with modern renovations, materials, and an IT lab. Moreover, due to its dynamic academic life within the city, the campus has active partnerships with restaurants, bars, gyms, cafés, and social hubs that provide ad hoc services and discounts to its students and fellows.

Our Campus: Ancient Stones & Brick Coexist

Right in the middle of a UNESCO town

Our Learning Environment: Glocal Excellence

Immersed in history, open to the world

Our Classrooms: Brick, Glass, Steel

Formal architecture, ancient soul

Our Dormitories: a Room with a View

View, light, focus


The campus in Milan (Via Durini 7) benefits from a prestigious and unique position in the heart of the city: just 5-minute walk from the worldwide known icon of the Duomo. While the venue is rather condensed, it provides unique programs across the city and its vibrant, dynamic, and inspiring context. Indeed, programs in Milan are designed to be experiential learning based and immersive, taking advantage of unique partnerships with global players, leaders, and icons, which often become the very classroom of lessons, courses, and whole programs. For this reason, brands such as Dolce & Gabbana became among our clients and partners.

Our campus: 5-minute Walk from a World's Icon

Sit in our classes, walk in the city, imagine the world

Our Experiential Components: the City, Your Class

Attend unique shows, exhibitions, and events in a cosmopolitan capital

A Futuristic Capital in an Ancient Country

Benefit from a unique cityscape and learning environment in Italy’s capital of the future


The campus in Turin (Via Saluzzo 60) is strategically located in the city center, just 10-minute walk from the train station and the city’s major attractions. The venue consists of 10 fully equipped classrooms and an overall capacity of 250+ seats, as well as a great auditorium that can host up to 150 people. Moreover, the campus holds partnership and collaborations with local restaurants, bars, gyms, cafés, and social hubs that provide ad hoc services and discounts to its students and fellows.

Our Campus: in the Heart of Italy's Royal City

Immersed in the city center for a smart stay

Our Classrooms: Professional & Sober

Fully equipped, for a deep learning experience