School of Culinary Arts, Nutrition & Sensory Arts "Maria Montessori"

Why study culinary arts, nutrition, and sensory arts in Italy?
  • Italy is ranked first worldwide for food
  • The country holds the highest density of “world’s culinary capitals” internationally
  • Italy is considered the capital of the Mediterranean diet – also known as the wealthiest internationally
  • Due to its biodiversity, Italy has the continent and among the world’s highest number of protected foods, wines, beverages, and culinary products

Highlighted Courses

CULSCI123 – NUT123
A Global Biodiverse Rarity

Discovering Italian Culinary Secrets & Rarities from North to South

CULSCI144 – NUT144
Eating & Drinking like an Ancient Roman

Vines, Foods, and Spices from the Atlantic to India

Hunting, Games & Chivalry

Understanding Medieval Culinary Culture through Food & Wines

CULSCI196 – HIS196
Magic, Religion & Transcendence

The Culture of Wine Across History & Geography


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