School of Alternative, Aware & Future Economics "Amedeo Giannini"

Why study alternative, aware, and future economics in Italy?
  • Italy is Europe’s most biodiverse country
  • Italy ranks first in Europe for recycling
  • The country has the highest number of “green companies” in Europe
  • Top-ranked Instructors participating in the Green transition in the country and internationally

Highlighted Courses

ALTECO130 – ECO130
Ancient Practices of Sustainable, Alternative & Circular Economy

The Italian ‘Re’ Market & Philosophy

Best Practices from the Italian Tourism Industry

Alternative, Ethical, Sustainable

From Italian Bottegas to Global Prestige

History, Practices &Achievements of the Italian Fashion System

MNGMNT325 – HOS325
Italian Cultural Tourism

Building Narrative between Artisanal Bottegas, Piazzas & Hidden Treasures

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