Study Abroad

Studying Abroad at Unicollege offers students a unique blend of academic and experiential learning, enabling them to delve into the cultural, artistic, and architectural facets of their host city. Through this immersive experience, students engage deeply with the Italian language, culture, and heritage, gaining insights into Italy’s vibrant history and its people. Unicollege ensures a harmonious mix of cultural exploration and rigorous academic coursework, fostering personal growth alongside scholarly advancement.

With partnerships spanning over 35 universities in 20+ countries worldwide, Unicollege’s Study Abroad Program enriches the multicultural landscape for students. Emphasizing both the academic curriculum and Italian cultural immersion, the program empowers students to tailor their courses across various departments, facilitating the discovery of new passions aligned with their academic and career aspirations.

Furthermore, the study abroad journey at Unicollege serves as a catalyst for intellectual development and personal enrichment, fostering meaningful connections with peers from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

Deep dive in our Study Abroad Programs in Florence, Milan, Turin and Mantua

Unicollege Firenze
Via Bolognese, 52
50139 Firenze

Unicollege Milan
Via Durini, 7
20122 Milano

Unicollege Turin
Via Saluzzo, 60
10125 Torino

Unicollege Mantua
Via C. Montanari, 1
46100 Mantova

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