School of Italian Language, Culture, Society & Identity "Michela Murgia"

Why study Italian language, culture, society, and identity in Italy?
  • Italian is the world’s fourth most studied language
  • Italian shares 89% of its words with French, 80% with Spanish and almost 40% with English
  • 2+ million people study Italian
  • The Italian culture ranks first in the world’s Cultural Influence ranking
  • 1 Italian out of 3 speaks a regional dialect at home – apparently, there are 5000+ dialects across the Italian peninsula

Highlighted Courses

COM333 – ITSTU333
Church, Sin, Judgment & Ethics

In Italian Communication & Media

COM356 – ITSTU356
Gender, Representation & Diversity

In Italian Communication & Media

ITLAN205 – CUL205
Applying Italian

Through Food & Family Cultures

ITLAN206 – FASH206
Applying Italian

Through Fashion & Beauty

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