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The first private Italian accredited university that hosts an integral Study Abroad program for international students

Our History

Unicollege is among Italy’s first universities specializing in applied languages – with a focus on interpreting and translation.

It was founded in the 1970s in Mantua (northern Italy) as a foreign language based high school; in 1988, it became the first accredited Institution in the area granting advanced diplomas in interpreting and translation. In 2003, it was eventually accredited as a university by the Italian Ministry of Education, thus becoming among the country’s oldest and first private universities specializing in applied languages and international education.

This transition led to the transformation into the Unicollege brand – while it was originally called “School for Applied Languages” – which provided, along with languages, the integration of specializations that celebrated the “Made in Italy” brand, while keeping a global openness and spirit.

In addition to its alma mater in Mantua, in 2018 Unicollege opened a campus in the prestigious context of Florence, which further expanded in 2022 with a new campus in Turin (northern Italy).

This consistent growth across the country has been exposing the community to prestigious global partners, institutions, and opportunities. As of today, 94% of Unicollege alumni work or pursue further education within a year after graduation.

This educational experience is moreover consolidated by prestigious campuses that hold an ancestral history and aura and that are surrounded by both ancient frescoes and ancestral architecture, as well as advanced technological equipment that provide students with a unique combination between past and future. Moreover, they include comfortable dormitories, language centers, cafeterias, as well as green and sport areas, studio rooms, and international offices liaising with 35+ universities in 20+ countries worldwide.

Furthermore, Unicollege is an accredited university for post-graduate degrees in advanced translation and interpreting across 10 languages and offers competitive masters, executive and continuing education programs to students, professionals, and learners worldwide.

Sergio Serra
Founder and President, Unicollege

“Explore among the first private Italian accredited university with an integral Study Abroad program for international students.”


First campus in Mantua


Second campus in Milan


Third campus in Florence


Fourth campus in Turin

Why Unicollege (Key Facts)
Among Italy's oldest international institutions

Among Italy’s first and oldest institutions providing international education (since 1975)

10 Schools, 24 Departments, 400+ Courses

Explore a unique academic catalogue across areas, disciplines, and subjects

35+ partner universities

35+ partner universities in 15+ countries worldwide

4 campuses in UNESCO cities

Explore world’s icons such as Florence, Milan, Mantua, and Turin

94% employment rate

94% of our alumni work or pursue post-graduate education upon graduation

100+ multilingual professors

From top-ranked universities, such as HarvardUniversity (USA), Leiden University (Holland), Central Saint Martins (UK),