Mission & Values

Unicollege holds a laical, inclusive, and pluralist founding culture and is primarily committed to providing university education in interpreting and translation
– its core and founding specialization realms. In addition, it provides 10 schools, 24 departments, and 400+ courses that span from g-local peculiarities to globally vibrant academic trends and specializations.

Furthermore, Unicollege seeks to:

  • Provide an up-to-date educational model that is also intellectually rigorous, contextualized within its time, and pertinent to future professional changes.

    Emphasize the importance of an ethical and responsible human conduct.

    Promote an institutional culture committed to the environment, civil rights, health, and mutual respect.

    Identify and anticipate future professional opportunities.

    Guarantee security, safety, and wellbeing to the whole academic community and structure.

    Promote collaborations with national and international, as well as public and private institutions committed to culture and research.