Faculty Led

Unicollege extends a warm invitation to Faculty-led programs to join our summer sessions, fostering an enriching international academic environment in Florence, Milan, Turin and Mantua.

The structure of a Faculty-led program at Unicollege is straightforward:

Faculty members accompany their students to Unicollege for a summer session, utilizing our classroom facilities for their courses. Students remain registered at their home universities, paying their respective tuition fees and obtaining transcripts from their institutions. Additionally, students enroll in one of Unicollege’s diverse 3-credit summer courses.

This arrangement equips your program with comprehensive support, including accommodation, airport transfers, resident assistance, organized excursions, cultural events, access to Unicollege facilities such as computer labs, a WiFi-enabled campus, assistance with visa procedures, and round-the-clock emergency support. This framework allows you to customize your study abroad program to align with your university’s specific objectives.

Operating within the administrative and community framework akin to an American university, participating in Unicollege’s summer community offers faculty members the advantage of our robust local connections. These connections furnish valuable insights and networks, enhancing the overall experience for both students and faculty.

Visiting faculty members appreciate becoming part of Unicollege’s vibrant summer academic community. Our welcoming events, held on Unicollege’s terraces, coupled with shared faculty spaces, enable you to establish meaningful connections that can enrich your professional journey and personal experience while in Florence, Milan, Turin or Mantua..

Deep dive in our Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs in Florence, Milan, Turin and Mantua

Unicollege Firenze
Via Bolognese, 52
50139 Firenze

Unicollege Milan
Via Durini, 7
20122 Milano

Unicollege Turin
Via Saluzzo, 60
10125 Torino

Unicollege Mantua
Via C. Montanari, 1
46100 Mantova

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