School of Criminology, Cybersecurity & Web Studies "Pietro Leopoldo"

Why study Criminology, Cybersecurity & Web Studies in Italy?
  • Italy was the world’s first country to abolish death penalty (1786)
  • Criminal Anthropology was born in Italy (1800s) with Cesare Lombroso
  • Cesare Beccaria firstly conceptualized criminology in 1764 (On Crimes and Punishments)
  • The world’s first international conference on Criminology was held in Rome, Italy, in 1928
  • The country holds one of the greatest museums on Criminology (Museum on Criminal Anthropology, Cesare Lombroso – Turin)
  • Italy is ranked 11th worldwide in the Cyber Defense Index 2022-23 (MIT)

Highlighted Courses

CRCY188 – HIS188
State, Mafia & Church

Three Nations, One Country

CRCY285 – ITSTU285
Sexual Crimes in Italy

Scandals, Public Response & Ethics

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