School of New, Para & Future Communications & Media "Giancarlo Pallavicini"

Why study new, para, and future communications and media in Italy?
  • It was Rosa Genoni who invented the “Made in Italy” brand in the late 1800s – she was an artist, designer, and a Feminist
  • According to KPMG, the brand “Made in Italy” ranks 3rd worldwide in terms of profitability and prestige – after Coca Cola and Visa
  • According to Forbes, the “Made in Italy” brand ranks 7th in terms of global reputation
  • The “Made in Italy” brand generates € 32 billions/year of parallel, illegal counterfeiting market

Highlighted Courses

MAR260 – COM260
Building a Marketing Portfolio through The Grand Tour

Traveling Across Italy as an Inspiration & Professional Practice

MAR285 – COM285
“Dolce Vita” Marketing

Strategizing Italian Art, Food & Culture through Marketing & Media Practices

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