School of Global Affairs & Governance "Matilde di Canossa"

Why study global affairs and governance in Italy?
  • Italy is a founding member of the European Union, NATO, OCSE, G7 and G20
  • The Roman law and history still inspire Constitutions and nations worldwide
  • The Italian passport ranks 2nd in the world – thus exacerbating its strong diplomatic relations and powers
  • According to the Military Strength Ranking, Italy ranks in the top 10 for military power and intelligence

Highlighted Course

The Geopolitics of Food

Abundance, Starvation & Strikes in the European Continent

POLSCI338 – HIS338
Between Africa, the Atlantic, Russia, and the Middle East

The Sensitive Role of Europe Today

POLSCI345 – HIS345
Migrations, New Slavery & New Colonialism

Italy, Europe & the West

The Mafia Behind Food

Immigration, Slavery & Exploitation in Europe

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