Rules of Conduct

Introduction: Fostering Academic Excellence in a Global Environment

Unicollege, deeply dedicated to its academic mission, seeks to unlock and nurture the creative and intellectual potential of each student within the vibrant tapestry of an international community that values tolerance and respect. Embodying this commitment, the institute has formulated a comprehensive and robust set of Rules of Conduct. These rules serve as a guiding framework, aligning students with the core values and expectations integral to the Unicollege experience.

1. General Conduct: Upholding the Essence of Community Life

Unicollege places a profound emphasis on responsible membership within the academic community. Students are expected to exhibit integrity in language, personal interactions, and the treatment of property. Importantly, these expectations extend beyond the confines of the campus, covering behavior in the city, social spaces, and other off-campus activities. Unicollege actively encourages students to engage with cultural norms, fostering an inclusive environment that cherishes diversity.

2. Alcohol: Balancing Social Enjoyment with Responsibility

Acknowledging the legal consumption of alcohol for eligible students, Unicollege strikes a delicate balance by promoting responsible use. The rules are designed not only to discourage abuse but to categorically condemn public drunkenness, irrespective of age. Penalties for violating alcohol policies are thoughtfully calibrated, ranging from warnings and fines to parental notifications and educational sanctions. Unicollege’s approach seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and mindfulness in students regarding their alcohol-related choices.

3. Drugs: A Zero-Tolerance Approach to Substance Abuse

Unicollege maintains a resolute stance against the consumption, sale, or distribution of illegal substances, including drugs and intoxicants. Not only do such actions breach the institute’s rules, but they also contravene Italian law. Consequently, severe sanctions are levied, encompassing potential expulsion and legal consequences. Unicollege’s unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of its community is evident in its stringent anti-drug policies.

4. Assault and Fighting: Safeguarding Student Welfare

Assault, fighting, and any behavior that jeopardizes the well-being of students are treated with the utmost seriousness by Unicollege. Recognizing the potential impact of such actions on individuals and the institute’s reputation, the rules dictate disciplinary actions for those found engaging in such detrimental behaviors. Unicollege ensures a thorough investigation and, where applicable, legal repercussions for students involved in incidents of assault or physical altercations.

5. Academic Dishonesty: Nurturing a Culture of Integrity

To foster a culture of academic integrity, Unicollege maintains a comprehensive framework within which students are expected to act with honesty and integrity. Instances of suspected academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, are reported and investigated. Penalties for academic dishonesty may include grade penalties, academic probation, and, in severe cases, expulsion from the institute. Upholding academic integrity is foundational to Unicollege’s commitment to providing a fair and rigorous learning environment.

6. Privacy and Confidentiality Policies: Balancing Transparency and Individual Rights

Unicollege’s privacy policy is governed by European and Italian laws, ensuring the protection and responsible governance of personal information. While respecting individual privacy, the institute carefully considers confidentiality requests. In instances where confidentiality is honored, Unicollege underscores that its ability to investigate incidents meaningfully and pursue disciplinary action may be limited. The institute’s commitment to balancing transparency with individual rights is evident in its Privacy and Confidentiality Policies.

7. Enforcement of Rules: Ensuring a Fair and Transparent Process

In instances of rule violations, Unicollege follows a meticulous process to determine violations and mete out sanctions. The enforcement of rules is characterized by transparency, fairness, and due process. Sanctions may range from oral or written admonitions and warnings to probation, mandated counseling assessments, fines, withholding of academic transcripts, expulsion from Unicollege, or any other discretionary sanctions deemed appropriate. Sanctions may also be communicated to the student’s program or university and/or parents or guardians, at the institute’s discretion. The institute affirms the right of appeal for students who believe the sanctions imposed are unjust. Disciplinary files are maintained for five years, adhering to privacy considerations. The enforcement of these rules is a testament to Unicollege’s commitment to creating a conducive, respectful, and academically enriching environment for its community.