Course Specifics

Progressive Learning, Multi-Linguism, Academic Commitment

Course Bands & Prerequisites

Unicollege is a Study Abroad university that exclusively provides undergraduate courses – whose bands span from 100 to 399 divisions. As indicated in the scheme below, all courses with a code equal to, or above 250, provide the fulfillment of certain prerequisites (indicated in the course catalogue and syllabus).


100-299 Lower band courses Usually, no prerequisites
>250 Lower band courses Courses equal to, or above this level (250), usually provide a prerequisite
300-399 Upper division courses Provide a prerequisite

Languages of Instruction

Unicollege is a language-based university that provides 10 languages of instruction – that span from Arabic and Korean to Portuguese and Japanese.

Nevertheless, English is the official language of instruction for any Study Abroad program. Candidates wishing to learn or integrate another language can check the effective activation of the language course in the given semester with the University – which, if indeed activated, will therefore count towards their credit recognition and validation.

For its Study Abroad programs, Unicollege designed ad hoc courses of Italian language that provide all 6 levels of proficiency (from A1 to C2) – see the School of ‘Italian Language, Culture, Society & Identity Dante Alighieri’ and the department of ‘Italian Language’ (ITLAN). In addition, it also offers courses of applied Italian (language and culture), where candidate hybridize both language and cultural skills under the ‘Italian Studies’ department (ITSTU).

Enrollment in such courses may provide either language or academic prerequisites – indicated in the course description.

Academic Load, Status & Visa Requirements

In reference to international academic regulations, undergraduate candidates that complete:

  • A minimum quorum of 12 credits/semester hold the status of “full time students”
  • Less than 12 credits/semester hold the status of “part time students.”

When candidates apply for a study visa, a minimum quorum of 12 credits (per semester) is required.

While the obtainment of a visa for study can be finalized by individual students – or via the assistance of dedicated agencies or third parties – Unicollege provides ad hoc services throughout the process upon payment of a fee. Candidates seeking assistance for their visa via Unicollege should contact the Institution in due time for further information and details.

Unicollege Online Learning Environment

As a four-campus university, Unicollege holds a solid internal and inter-university virtual infrastructure that facilitates operations, communication, and learning activities.

As per the learning sphere, Unicollege has fully trained staff, faculty, IT, and students to design, deliver, and receive virtual learning material from any end and internationally.

Candidates enrolled in Study Abroad programs may therefore benefit from such environment as either student, examinee, intern, or any other academic, professional, or human relational form – receiving full training, assistance, and supervision.