Course Registration & Management

Enroll, Amend & Design a Personalized Study Abroad Curriculum. Discover our Course Policies.

The course selection and registration processes are sensitive transitions in a candidate’s academic life and experience. For this reason, Unicollege provides customized and one-to-one sessions to understand the candidate’s personal needs, academic vocations, and future professional perspectives. For such sessions, Unicollege may involve either members of staff, Faculty, orientation experts, or alumni with experience in Study Abroad.

Academic calendars are published on a semester basis and include all courses available in the given academic week, intersession, or semester. Candidates wishing to enroll in a course/program should check the effective activation of with members of Staff – either via email, telephone call, or scheduled videoconference.

Upon finalization of the registration process, candidates can still amend their academic plan, both remotely (via email) and/or de visu (upon arrival in situ, or throughout the Study Abroad experience). All semestral dates and deadlines to amend academic plans are published on Unicollege official website and change on an annual basis.

From registration and enrollment – usually finalized up to 60 days prior to arrival – candidates will have time until the “add-and-drop week” (7 days after the beginning of each academic session*) to amend their academic schedule. Within such deadlines, no change will appear on their final transcript and documentation. After the “add-and-drop week” candidates can finally withdraw from courses by presenting official documentation to Unicollege (following the designated procedure indicated by the hosting Institution). When a procedure of withdrawal is finalized a “W” will appear on transcripts and official documentation. Candidates can submit requests to withdraw from a course until the penultimate week (or similia, proportioned to program duration) of class.

NB: Unicollege will not refund any credit or cost upon finalization of the registration and enrollment processes.

Upon approval of the Academic Senate (or an authorizing body/representative), Unicollege may apply, in contingent and/or extenuating circumstances, the aforementioned provisions in a different manner. Candidates experiencing special personal, academic, or miscellaneous circumstances can ascensional(ly) report to their instructor, staff, and/or Dean for aid and assistance.

While each reported case will be treated in reference to its specificities and peculiarities, candidates experiencing impeding circumstances may:

  • Complete courses remotely
  • Complete courses through a customized academic plan/project
  • Apply for partial/full refund, providing organic documentation which will nevertheless be approved by the Academic Senate and/or by an official body and/or representative.

While each case will receive dedicated assistance and consideration, decisions made by the Academic Senate and/or by an official body and/or representative cannot be further contested.

*Depending on program duration (weekly, monthly, semester-long, etc.), “add-and-drop weeks” may have a different and proportioned duration – that can be checked with Unicollege prior to enrollment and will be officialized at the beginning of each program.