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The Unicollege Graduate School (UGS) is a branch of Unicollege, among Italy’s first accredited universities specializing in international education (and indeed recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education). The UGS is committed to providing advanced, professionalizing, and competitive training programs in the realms of arts, business, fashion, leadership, management, as well as other new and avant-gardist areas that prepare future global managers and leaders.

Candidates interested in pursuing international post-graduate programs at the UGScan choose from a list of certificates, advanced diplomas, and masters that hold both national (Italian), European, and international recognition – via the issuance of academic transcripts that award both CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari, the Italian ministerial ascription for credit assignation), as well as ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) that allow successful candidates to claim international recognition worldwide.

All UGS programs are held by top-ranked instructors, who graduated from world’s prestigious institutions, such as Harvard University (USA), Leiden University (Holland), and Central Saint Martin (UK). Moreover, all courses are held in prestigious venues in UNESCO cities, such as Florence, Mantua, Milan, and Turin, making the learning experience both academically vibrant and sensorially unique.

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Unicollege Florence
Via Bolognese, 52
50139 Florence


Unicollege Milan
Via Durini, 7
20122 Milan


Unicollege Turin
Via Saluzzo, 60
10125 Turin


Unicollege Mantua
Via C. Montanari, 1
46100 Mantua


Learning Formats

Advanced Diplomas
Executive Masters


Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education

100+ multilingual professors from top-ranked faculties

Such as Harvard University (USA), Leiden University (Holland), Central Saint Martins (UK)

35+ universities
15+ countries

A global network of academic partners

Prof. Giosuè Prezioso
I taught in 10+ countries, designed 500+ courses and met 1000+ students

Advanced Education Leadership
Harvard University, PhD C – University of Reading, MSc University of Glasgow

Learning Formats


3 Courses
1/2 Semester

Advanced Diplomas

5 Courses
1/2 Semester


10 Courses
1 Full academic year

Executive Masters

10 Courses
1 Full academic year
1 Internship


A Certificate is the first step toward a post-graduate academic career and is designed for candidates who seek to pursue an introductory immersion in a highly professionalizing academic experience and area (i.e., Fashion, Marketing, Management, etc.). In this program, they will approach, discuss, analyze, and intellectually negotiate up-to-date issues, topics, and themes to build a foundational yet advanced experience in a valuable area or specialization.

Certificates usually hold a duration of an academic semester (three to five months) and are held in English.

Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diplomas provide a condensed, dynamic, and professionalizing academic experience in a given area (i.e., Fashion, Marketing, Management, etc.) and are designed for both fresh graduate students and/or trained professionals pursuing an upgrading learning experience. In this program, candidates will explore a variety of complementary courses, subjects, and case studies that will consolidate pre-acquired knowledge through dynamic learning models that span from flipped-classrooms, studio visits, group projects, and miscellaneous workshops.

Upon completion of the Advanced Diploma, candidates will have acquired a unique personal, biographical, academic, and professionalizing experience that will enrich both their curriculum and portfolio.


Masters are designed to provide a full, multidisciplinary, challenging, and engaging experience to a broad spectrum of candidates from either recent undergraduate or advanced professional backgrounds. Benefiting from unique learning settings (i.e. the 4 campus in UNESCO cities), candidates will experience a totalizing learning immersion that will hybridize both theoretical and applied skills through intellectually challenging, critical, comparative, analytical, and dialogical sessions held by top-ranked instructors. In addition, candidates will visit selected venues, sites, and organizations that exacerbate the professional application of their area of specialization (i.e., prestigious workshops, studios, think-tanks, museums, etc.).

Upon completion of their Master, candidates will have acquired a multidisciplinary, professional, cutting edge and applied learning experience, as well as a robust academic, curricular, and professional immersion.

Executive Master

In addition to the academic skills developed in the Master component (see Master), in this learning format, candidates will be provided with a complementary internship experience with prestigious partners that will complete their professional profile and curriculum. Each candidate will receive ad hoc training, assistance, and preparation to identify, live, and maximize a unique internship component in a prestigious city, context, and environment.

Graduation, Diploma & Transcript

Upon completion of each program (Certificate, Advanced Diploma, or Executive/Master), candidates will receive two certificates of completion: the former issued by the Unicollege Master School and the latter by Unicollege. Such a dual titling guarantees both a professional and academic accreditation to the program and the titles’ holder – as per the scheme below:


Holding a professional value and recognition


Holding international academic validity and recognition

In addition to the two Diplomas, Unicollege will issue a transcript, an official document issued by the university that validates all the courses (successfully) completed by the candidate – along with specifications pertaining to credits, grades, and complementary academic information that validate the Diploma internationally.

Academics & Departments

Fashion & Luxury

26 of the top 100 global fashion brands are Italian

25% of the world’s luxury brands are Italian

1000+ top-ranked, luxury products exported worldwide are Italian

The Italian fashion industry generates an annual turnover of € 100+ billions

Marketing, Communications & New Media

It was Rosa Genoni who invented the “Made in Italy” brand in the late 1800s – she was an artist, designer, and a Feminist

According to KPMG, the brand “Made in Italy” ranks 3rd worldwide in terms of profitability and prestige – after Coca Cola and Visa

According to Forbes, the “Made in Italy” brand ranks 7th in terms of global reputation

The “Made in Italy” brand generates € 32 billions/year of parallel, illegal counterfeiting market

Leadership & Management

Italy is Europe’s most biodiverse country

Italy ranks first in Europe for recycling

The country has the highest number of “green companies” in Europe

Top-ranked Instructors participating in the Green transition in the country and internationally

Forensics & Human Mind

Italy was the world’s first country to abolish death penalty (1786)

Criminal Anthropology was born in Italy (1800s) with Cesare Lombroso

Cesare Beccaria firstly conceptualized criminology in 1764 (On Crimes and Punishments)

The world’s first international conference on Criminology was held in Rome, Italy, in 1928

Geopolitics & Global Governance

Italy is a founding member of the European Union, NATO, OCSE, G7 and G20

The Roman law and history still inspire Constitutions and nations worldwide

The Italian passport ranks 2nd in the world – thus exacerbating its strong diplomatic relations and powers

According to the Military Strength Ranking, Italy ranks in the top 10 for military power and intelligence

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Italy holds the world’s highest number of UNESCO sites

The country is in the top 10 for global touristic flows

15% of its GDP derives from touristic activities

The world’s first art biennale was born in Venice, Italy, in 1895



€ 2.500,00


€ 4.000,00


€ 7.000,00 – € 7.500,00


€ 8.200,00 – € 8.700,00



The Unicollege Graduate School proudly assigns scholarships for merit (i.e., BA holders with cum laude degrees) and to candidates from proven disadvantaged backgrounds. See the list of scholarship in the dedicated section to apply.